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Re: Brock Cartledge - Character Animation 2018

Postby thomasm » April 5th, 2019, 1:23 pm

On the right track.
Always animate from hip, then torso, then head, and leave hair to the very last. You can work more on the "sitting down with force". And try to use IK when the hand rests on something like the back of the chair.
Get some facial expressions: make her look agitated and angry.

a good test is to turn off the reference video AND turn off the sound, and show the silent animation to someone who is not familiar with what you are animating. See, if they can tell, from body language and facial expression alone, that the character is angrily shouting at the telephone.
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Re: Brock Cartledge - Character Animation 2018

Postby brock.cartledge » April 16th, 2019, 2:02 am

I thought i would just upload one last time before the submission, in the hope i might get some feedback i can implement before hand, if there are any glaring issues.
The email you sent though to let me know about not seeing you in the open room on Friday, i did not see till much later as gmail put in my spam folder.

I still would like to get the sitting down with forced better, and there is still alot of jerkiness, which i will smooth out.
i added some facial expressions to show mood, and used ik fk to place the hand on the chair, (needs smoothing out). As well as many other small things adding to the animation.

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